Transferring between locations

Munchkin Markets holds sales in 4 locations each season: MN State Fairgrounds, Blaine Sports Center, Stillwater/ Woodbury, and Mankato. Consignors who wish to participate in more than one Munchkin Markets sale location are able to electronically transfer their inventory from one sale to another without having to re-enter or re-tag items. You MUST have the same consignor number at each sale to be able to transfer inventory electronically.

If you plan to participate in more than one Munchkin Markets sale, please read this page carefully to ensure that no inventory gets lost and to avoid having to re-tag items.

Scenario #1:

You are a brand new consignor and have never signed up for a Munchkin Markets sale.

Choose the first sale location and register as a new consignor. You will be assigned a consignor number and will select a password. After registering for the first sale location, use that consignor number to login and register at another location(s).  Please send an email to if you have trouble logging in at another location with the same number.

Scenario #2:

You have previously signed up for a Munchkin Markets sale and you have a consignor # at one or more locations.  Try to register for the second location with the consignor number you currently have.  If you are unable to register at the second location, please send an email to requesting the same number at the second location.

If you have registered for more than one sale location in the past, but do not have matching consignor numbers and you now wish to be able to electronically transfer items, please contact Kristal to have one of the consignor numbers changed PRIOR to entering new inventory.

How to electronically transfer items

Once you are registered for more than one sale with the same consignor number you are ready to begin electronically transferring inventory.

Step 1 – Transferring Inventory Out

First make sure that you do not have ANY items in your account for the sale you are transferring in to, sale #2 (This includes having “inactive inventory” in your acct for sale #2). Then, log in to your account for the sale you are transferring out of, sale #1, and choose to “work with my consigned items”, then “move inventory out”. Click to select ALL items and hit submit. You will be given a batch number, write it down.  Please be patient, especially if you have a large number of items, the transfer can take several minutes.

Step 2 – Receiving Inventory In

After completing Step 1, log in to your sale #2 account and select :work with my consigned items”, then “receive inventory in”. Select the batch number you just wrote down and submit.  Verify that your inventory has been transferred in to your account by going to “work with my consigned items” then “work with my consigned inventory (active)”.  Remember only the last 5 items entered with show.  Click on the box in the middle of the screen to view all items.


  • ******VERY IMPORTANT*****- You must make sure both the active and inactive inventory of the account you are transferring items into are empty. If there are any items left in either your active or inactive inventory and you transfer new items in, you will probably have to re-print and re-tag your items.
  • Please read any pop up messages and warnings on the screen during the transfer.
  • Make sure your tags are marked “Donate NO”, and that you pick up all your unsold items on time. Otherwise they will be donated and not available to sell at the other sales.
  • Please note that while a sale is going on, that sale’s database is taken offline and will not be available for inventory transfer.
  • Your inventory can only exist at one of the sales, at any given time. This is a technical issue to avoid duplicate item numbers. When you transfer your inventory from sale to sale, it will be deleted from the sale you transfer from and copied into the sale you transfer into. You can only change your inventory at one sale at a time. If you try to transfer items to your account that already has items in the account, you will have to delete all those items first, then transfer into an empty inventory account.
  • It is STRONGLY recommended you transfer ALL items when transferring from one sale to the next to ensure an empty acct to transfer back into next season even if you do not plan to bring some items to the current sale (ie. winter items to the spring sale).

If you would rather not try to attempt to electronically transfer your items from one sale to the next, please email Kristal at and include the sale you are transferring from and to, your consignor number and password.