Consignors who tag their own items earn 65% of the selling price of their items (minus a $8 participation fee per sale)   Volunteer and earn up to 80%! Volunteers earn an extra 5% of their sales for each 3 hour shift they work up to a maximum of 80%.  All volunteers earn a pass for themselves and a guest to shop the volunteer pre-sale before the sale opens to the public.  Check the specific sale location for volunteer pre-sale times.

New to consigning?  Download our “How to Consign” guide for step by step instructions on registering, entering items, printing tags, preparing items and helpful tips.

Volunteer 4 or more 3 hour shifts and earn 80% of your sales and a Munchkin Markets Gold Pass to be amongst the very first to shop the pre-sale before other volunteers. The Munchkin Markets Gold Pass also allows you to jump to the front of ANY line throughout the weekend.

Consignor/ Volunteer Benefits
80% + a Munchkin Markets Gold Pass Consign and Volunteer 4 or more three hour shifts
80% + a volunteer pre-sale pass Consign and Volunteer 3 three hour shifts
75% + a volunteer pre-sale pass Consign and Volunteer 2 three hour shifts
70% + a volunteer pre-sale pass Consign and Volunteer 1 three hour shift
65% + a consignor pre-sale pass Consign and tag your own items
50% + a consignor pre-sale pass VIP Consignor – we tag your items
Volunteer pre-sale pass Choose a bartering option without consigning

Munchkin Markets Gold Pass

Earn this pass and you can shop the pre-sale FIRST!  Gold Pass holders can enter the pre-sale at 3:30pm on Fridays before other volunteers, consignors, new parents and the public.   With the Gold Pass you can also jump to the front of any line throughout the entire sale weekend; drop off, checkout or pick up. No waiting for you!

Volunteer Pre-sale Pass

With a volunteer pre-sale pass you can shop the volunteer pre-sale. The volunteer pre-sale begins at 4:00pm on Friday for each location.

Consignor Pre-sale Pass

With a consignor pre-sale pass you can shop the consignor pre-sale.  The consignor pre-sale begins at 5:00pm on Friday for each location.

VIP Consignor

Don’t have time to prepare, tag and drop off your items? That’s ok. We’ll do it for you! The deadline for VIP consignors is February 15, 2018 for the Spring 2018 sales.  Space is limited and may fill PRIOR to the deadline. Some restrictions do apply. Please inquire by sending an email to or calling 651-253-0897.

Have questions?

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